Kaitlyn Roberts

Easy Entertaining - Chef and Founder

Catering and Events

25-30+ employees

Providence, RI

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What We Do:

Easy Entertaining is a sustainable catering company with a focus on sourcing from a 250-mile radius year round. We also own a venue, and cafe featuring breakfast and lunch during the week.

Why We Decided to Take the Challenge:

We are always interested in ways to improve the company. Our focus on sustainability extends in a major way to our employees, employment practices, energy practices an more. Best for Rhode Island addresses all of these topics as part of the Challenge.

What We Learned:

We learned we are not doing as well as we thought, particularly in the employment practice section. 

What We Did as a Result:

Based on the Challenge, we are working to make changes in both the energy area and the employment area.

"Best for Rhode Island is a great check up for companies looking to “do well” for Rhode Island and their valuable employees."