Scot Jones

Groov-Pin - President & CEO


90 employees

Smithfield, RI

Manufacturing - Grooved pins, threaded inserts, precision turned components

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What We Do:

We are a manufacturer of engineered fasteners and turned components for aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, and safety applications.  Our lean journey has lead us to question how we can operate in ways better for our team and better for our community.

Why We Decided to Take the Challenge:

We wanted to know what changes and best practices we could adopt to make our traditional business more a social enterprise and help our team connect our work with benefit to our community.

What We Learned:

Our manufacturing practices and lean teamwork have taken us part of the way, we have potential with greater team engagement in our mission and methods.

What We Did as a Result:

We are changing our feedback processes to better take care of our team and engage the whole group in shaping our mission and role in the community.


"From our lean work, we have learned that comparing ourselves against benchmarks and sharing best practices with others who are trying to improve accelerates our progress. We see Best for RI as an opportunity to bring greater meaning to our work by creating shared value among our team our business and our larger community."